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Infographic: How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve User Engagement
July 25th, 2017

ACA Staff

Many marketers believe that AI is too complex for their departments because artificial intelligence is viewed as a technical element in a creative field. Brands might invest in AI tools as a way to automatically generate reports or segment audiences within email lists, but many do not understand the value that AI offers to creative elements of marketing campaigns (and particularly to content marketing). Toronto-based Atomic Reach put together two infographs for the “What’s Up” blog to show how your business can tap into AI to have a more efficient and engaged content marketing strategy. Part 2 demonstrates the role of AI in creative marketing strategies, metrics to measure content and a look to future applications.

How AI Can Improve User Engagement
The Role of AI in Creative Marketing Strategies: 1. Data-Driven Creativ Development - AI helps marketers learn more about their audiences and develop personas. 2. Chatbots in Social Media - Chatbots decrease the likelihood that a customer will bounce from a website because they can't find what they're looking for. 3. Keyword Analysis for SEO and PPc - AI tools highlight keywords that are missing and identify opportunities for optimization.
Metrics AI Uses to Measure Content: 1. Unique Page Views - Unique Pageviews help marketers see a) which audiences are returning to their websites, b) the long-term value of the content. 2. Time Spent on Site. 3. Total Pages Viewed - Total pages viewed tells brands which pieces of content were better for user engagement. 4. New vs. Returning Viewers. 5. Content Shares - These have become the HOly Grail of content creation because they drive traffic and introduce your brand to new audiences.
The Future of AI in Content Creation: 1. Improved Lead Generation - 80% of marketing executives will incorporate AI by 2020. Sixty percent said that it would provide better insight on accounts. Fifty-six percent thought that it would provide more analysis in campaigns. Fifty-three percent thought that it would identify better prospective customers. 2. Artificial Content Creation: Coca-Cola analyzed responses to past content along with audience tastes to automatically create ads.
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