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Social Media – It’s Like 1999 Again
March 2nd, 2017

Gavin McGarry

Gavin McGarry

Matthew Chung, Manager, Communications and Content

Today, social media remains, rightly, a top priority for marketers, but the rules of engagement on the major platforms are constantly evolving.

As Gavin McGarry, ‎President at Jumpwire Media, put it, “It’s like 1999 again [when it became essential for brands to have a website presence]. Brands have to have a social media presence. And it’s really difficult.”

At a recent ACA Webinar, McGarry took attendees on a tour of today’s social media challenges and opportunities then laid out best practices, insights and hacks they could use to improve their strategy. The following are just some of the highlights from the hour-long session.

  • The real thing: 61% of Internet users are fake, said McGarry, whether it be bots or spiders that are going to brand websites. Compare that with Facebook, where just 8.7% of users are fake.
    “Generally, when people are ‘liking’ things, commenting, sharing, they are generally real people,” McGarry said. “This is the reason it’s really important brands have a strong social media presence.”
  • There are two key strategies for social media and they’re the same from the beginning of social – Awareness and “SoLoMo” or Social, Local and Mobile.
  • Be Facebook first, but not Facebook only. Facebook remains the most popular social platform, according to U.S. data from Pew Research Center. Of note, Pinterest use is now at 31%. McGarry says he encourages clients to diversify across social platforms, since investing too heavily in one leaves an organization vulnerable to a change to one’s algorithm.
  • Post frequently on Facebook. About 12% of fans of your brand page will see each of your posts, McGarry said, based on Facebook’s algorithms.

And lastly, some of the Social Media Hacks McGarry shared

  • Like & respond to comments for the last 90 days to jumpstart your reach
  • Uploading directly from mobile (iPad is not mobile) leads to better organic reach
  • Using emojis in copy and replies results in higher organic reach and engagement
  • Posting images to Facebook via Instagram provides a 23% increase in engagement
  • The minimum time to be live for Facebook Live should be 20 minutes

ACA members can learn more, including best practices for using Facebook Live, by visiting the ACA Webinars archive and downloading the video recording and slides from Jumpwire’s webinar on social media.


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