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The Top Five Findings From Nielsen’s Digital White Paper
July 11th, 2017

Dale King, Nielsen Canada

The Top Five Findings From Nielsen's Digital White Paper

Nielsen recently released the 4th edition of its Digital White Paper, which provides insights and best practices to maximize media investment. Dale King, Director of Client Services at Nielsen Canada and her colleague Josh Hopson will lead a deep dive into the data July 12 at an ACA Webinar. Here, Dale provides the top five takeaways from the research.

  1. On-Target rates increased year-over-year – This trend was particularly prominent on the direct publisher purchase side.  However, Nielsen data shows there is still room for improvement. On average, 59% of impressions are hitting their target. That falls to just 38% of impressions for more narrowly-defined targets (less than fifteen years in age span).
  2. Display continues to outperform Video – When it comes to On-Target rates, display ads were more likely to reach their intended audience than video ads. However, the performance gap was closer for more narrow demos, where the Video On-Target rates are equal to or more efficient to those of Display ads.
  3. Measuring Reach Efficiency is a critical component of any campaign – Mobile On-Target and Reach Efficiency rates are higher than Desktop; however, the highest Reach Efficiency is achieved by using both Mobile and Desktop together.
  4. Wider Consumer Acceptance for Digital Campaigns – There were not only more digital campaigns measured this year than last for resonance that showed a positive brand lift but the overall lift was higher – leading to the belief that digital has become an accepted medium by consumers.
  5. Putting it all together in real terms – Nielsen? conducted a case study looking at the awareness for multivitamin brand Centrum. The study utilized Nielsen measurements to evaluate On-Target, reach and resonance for the brand. Amongst its findings, the case study illustrated that not all publishers on the media plan had the inventory to fully optimize on Reach Efficiency – a key metric with an Awareness KPI. Nonetheless, post-optimization results brought a decrease in the cost per unique of 24%.


Dale King

Dale King

Hear more July 12 at 11:30 a.m. during the ACA Webinar – Nielsen 2017 Digital White Paper.

Dale King, Director of Client Services at Nielsen Canada


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