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Advocacy work is a very important part of the Association of Canadian Advertisers’ activities. As the premier Canadian marketing association, on behalf of our members we regularly consult with the CRTCCompetition Bureau, House of Commons committees, government departments at the federal and provincial levels, and frequently appear at and present to special reviews or government groups.

Any regulatory or legislative area that may have an impact on a marketer’s business environment is monitored and considered for action.

The ACA’s government relations activities and policies are based on a few essential principles that can be applied to most government issues. Communicating these principles will increase government understanding of the fundamental beliefs and needs of marketers. Government policies should be weighed against these principles to determine if they are in the best interests of marketers.

The ACA’s fundamental principles are:

  1. Advertisers must behave responsibly.
  2. Advertisers have a right to freedom of speech.
  3. Advertisers make an important contribution to the Canadian economy and culture.
  4. Advertisers support a vibrant, competitive economy.

We also work on the marketers’ behalf to ensure that business conditions don’t jeopardize their ability to advertise efficiently, effectively and responsibly. Whether it is audience measurement, auditing, proof of performance, research methodologies, talent/union negotiations, agency relations, clutter, or any of the many other industry issues that may affect marketers’ ability to advertise, the ACA will employ its proactive and leadership role within the industry to act on behalf of its members.

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