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The Association of Canadian Advertisers provides insights and intelligence to members to enhance their understanding of MarCom best practices. As the premier Canadian marketing association, we commission, on an ongoing basis, a growing suite of publications and research reports that address topics of significant interest and importance to marketers. These are grouped under the following categories:

Working with your MarCom Agency
Marketing ROI
Information & Insights
Legal, Regulatory & Industry Issues


At regular intervals throughout the year, the ACA surveys a panel of senior Canadian marketers to gather valuable insights into shifting business conditions, perceptions and strategic priorities. The panelists share what they are thinking, planning and experiencing at their respective workplaces, and with their suppliers, partners and consumers.



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    Angela Lappan on how informative the ACA New Media Committees presentation topics are

    Campbell Company of Canada
    Angela Lappan, Integrated Marketing

    The ACA New Media Committees presentation topics have been very informative and helpful for someone like myself in an integrated media role. The case studies on using social media to create buzz for brands to new online measurement techniques and systems to understanding cost differentials between digital and traditional agencies have been of particular interest. The ability to meet with peers and share experience and learning is key to this process and keeps me informed in this fast moving medium.

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