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Searching for a Marketing Communications Agency Partner (2014)

Searching for a Marketing Communications Agency Partner (2014)

A guidebook for marketers on agency searches

This publication addresses the continual evolution of highly specialized MarCom needs in today’s marketing landscape and the complex matrix of agency relationships required to fulfill them. It serves as a valuable reference for marketers when considering a MarCom agency search.

Written by Stephan Argent, Founder and CEO of The Argedia Group, it contains an in-depth investigation on how to conduct an agency search while adhering to the basic principles of fairness, transparency and respect for all parties. Highlights include:

  • a thorough examination of the various approaches to agency search,
  • a comprehensive guideline for a customized search process,
  • helpful templates such as sample search briefs for RFPs, scorecards for grading and a variety of other checklists, samples and forms.

One copy of this publication has been provided to each ACA member organization. Order additional copies

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