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In Trust: Ethics in Advertising

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A Canadian enquiry into what is necessary and what is possible (2008)

In today’s world, where accountability, integrity, transparency and trust are the new prerequisites for success, going beyond compliance to embrace an ethical focus is emerging as a corporate necessity.

The Association of Canadian Advertisers commissioned John Dalla Costa, author and corporate ethicist, to lead an enquiry into advertising ethics and the increasingly critical role it plays in the marketing communications world. Our goal with this initiative is to raise the ethics bar higher for the marketing industry, guided by the conviction that doing so will ultimately increase accountability and efficacy in advertising overall.

ACA believes more and more brand marketing will be judged by consumers based on its adherence to a higher ideal. To this end, In Trust provides a framework for marketers to review and enhance the ethical basis of their brands and brand-building activities.

The book offers a practical guide for marketers to evaluate the ethical status of their brands and advertising, and provides a process for analysis and diagnostics relating to brand trust. It is also intended to expand strategic planning and new product development to include ethics criteria.

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