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For more than 95 years, the ACA has been the premier Canadian marketing association, with an unparalleled track record in driving marketing success for our members. Four key factors set the Association of Canadian Advertisers in a class apart from other industry associations.

 • For Marketers Only
Membership in the ACA is only open to client marketers. This is a crucial point of difference between the ACA and other associations whose members can include agencies, the media and other suppliers. By restricting membership to marketers only, it means the ACA has no other vested stakeholder interests that might compromise or mitigate our efforts on behalf of marketers.

 • ROI Focused
At the ACA we are driven to assist our members in maximizing the value of their investments in all forms of marketing communications. Everything we do is measured against our success in delivering on this prime directive. By helping our members strive for superior MarCom performance, we are also demonstrating the return on investment that ACA membership brings.

 • Insights & Intelligence
The ACA sets the industry standard for its ever-expanding suite of products and services that give our members the necessary tools to enhance their MarCom understanding and expertise. This suite is comprised of specialized one-on-one consultations, members-only ‘best practices’ publications and guidebooks, and a full range of courses, webinars and executive forums.

 • Issues Leadership
The ACA is unrelenting in its defense of the right of marketers to commercial free speech, and in its demand for a media marketplace that is accountable for the services purchased. While other associations are often absent in front of government and regulatory bodies, the ACA is always there to ensure the voices and priorities of marketers are heard, understood and acted on.

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