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May 11th, 2017

Matthew Chung, Manager, Communications and Content

Ivan Pollard, SVP, Strategic Marketing, Coca-Cola Co.

Ivan Pollard, SVP, Strategic Marketing, Coca-Cola Co.

Has digital delivered on its promise of letting marketers put the right message in front of the right people in less time, while delivering results?

It’s a question that Ivan Pollard, SVP Strategic Marketing at the Coca-Cola Company, North America, recently dissected during the Global Marketer Conference in Toronto.

April 24th, 2017

Matthew Chung, Manager, Communications and Content

Global Marketer Conference | April 27, 2017 | The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

More than 400 members of the global marketing community are gathering this Thursday (April 27) at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto for a day of inspiration, learning and networking. (more…)

April 6th, 2017

Axel Debry, World Federation of Advertisers

World Federation of AdvertisersHas the rush to invest in programmatic and ad-tech served to further ostracize the potential customers marketers seek to connect with? It’s a question that will quite literally be debated at the Global Marketer Conference this month. One sign of consumer’s dissatisfaction with the way ads interrupt their digital experience is the large number of them installing adblockers. In this post, republished with permission from the World Federation of Advertisers, Axel Debry, their Public Affairs Manager, explores the issue of adblocking and what marketers worldwide are doing to address it.

Internet users rarely agree on anything. Except maybe one thing. Online advertising can be really annoying. Anyone who’s spent a bit of time on a forum or in the comments section below an article will know.

They might be onto something. Yes, we’ve all experienced it. We click on a link from an email, on social media or through search and then we end up on a webpage cluttered with ads. (more…)

March 29th, 2017

Matthew Chung, Manager, Communications and Content

It was 100 years ago today, March 29, 1917, that the Association of Canadian Advertisers was incorporated after receiving its Letters Patent in Toronto.

It was a milestone day for the association, which traces its roots to a meeting in 1914 of 11 advertisers who wanted to affect changes in the advertising industry, to ensure a fair and transparent marketplace for consumers and a level playing field for marketers. (more…)

March 23rd, 2017

Jonathan Davids

Jonathan Davids

Jonathan Davids, Founder and CEO, Influicity

A YouTube user you’ve never heard of may be the perfect pitch person for your brand. Just ask Jonathan Davids, founder of Influicity, a platform that advertisers can use to source, collaborate and run campaigns with social influencers. Just what is an influencer, you ask? They run the gamut from a 20-something who makes DIY-themed videos and has 3 million YouTube followers to a comedian with a large following on Vine right up to an A-list Hollywood celebrity. The key is their followings look to them, rather than brands, to help inform their purchasing decisions.

In this article, re-published below with Davids’ permission, he takes a look at the growing use of influencers as brand ambassadors and provides 4 best-practices for ambassador programs.

Revlon made some news recently, adding to its growing slate of high profile ambassadors. Until recently, this slate included traditional celebs and beauty gurus. The company has now added a Disney star and several YouTubers, who will be promoting Revlon products across social and traditional media. What do these new additions have in common? They have big social media audiences. (more…)

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