Toronto, March 9, 2017: The Association of Canadian Advertisers is pleased to announce three new strategic partners for 2017 that will bolster its efforts of driving transparency and accountability in the marketplace and delivering insights and intelligence to members.

“The digital media market is evolving as advertisers demand higher and more consistent standards be available to their investments,” said Ron Lund, President and CEO, ACA. “We sought out people in companies whose values align with ACA’s and who have long served the Canadian media market with advice, insight and stewardship.”

The new partners are:

These partners sit on the Technical Advisory Committee, advising staff on industry developments, technology capabilities and help with writing of guidelines for advertisers. They are often the “go-to” resource for quick answers and first eyes on guides as they are in development.

They join existing strategic partner, Warc.

To find out more about ACA’s 2017 digital media initiatives, contact Chris Williams, VP Digital ACA –