Toronto, November 18, 2016: Facebook admitted on Wednesday it had miscalculated several metrics, including the organic reach of posts, video completions and consumer time spent on its “Instant Articles.”

This latest news comes about two months after Facebook revealed it had inflated its video views.

The platform says it is making several updates, including:

  • Exploring additional third-party reviews to validate the reporting it does
  • Forming a measurement council
  • Communicating more regularly about updates it makes to its metrics

ACA’s Response

“While we acknowledge Facebook’s promises, the changes do not go far enough in providing marketers a look inside the platform’s ‘walled garden,’” said Ron Lund, ACA’s President and CEO.

“This speaks to a larger issue, not just with Facebook but with all digital media,” Lund added. “We believe it is time for Facebook – and other similar large media players – to have the metrics they provide audited and accredited by a third party.”

Further, ACA is calling on Facebook to enable the Media Ratings Council (MRC) to examine and comment on how third-party verification companies receive and operate on the data provided by Facebook. This will ensure that third parties’ operations and reporting are consistent across all media providers.

In the interim, ACA advises marketers seek a higher-level of transparency and accountability by using MRC-audited and accredited third-party verification services integrated with Facebook.

ACA will continue to work on behalf of its members with strategic partners to ensure you do business in a transparent and accountable digital media marketplace.

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