Digital media spend in Canada is estimated at $4.6 billion. Paid search engine marketing (SEM) accounts for the largest share, at $2.5 billion or 55%.1 Moreover, because search helps fulfill consumers’ interest that is generated in other media, executing a successful search campaign (both paid and organic) provides a force multiplier effect across all media.
This white paper provides guidance on how to compensate an agency for paid search engine marketing, by examining:

  • The benefits of fee-based compensation vs. commission
  • How the scope of search can connect to biddable and earned media beyond paid search
  • How technology can be bundled within the agency or owned by the advertiser
  • How search results reporting can be an important influence on the overall communication strategy
  • How search scope expands with language, business units and other digital media extensions.

A checklist for determining scope of work is also included.

1IAB Canada revenue report 2015

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