Marketing Communications Service Agreement - 5th edition (2018) - coverCommentary and Model Agreement
5th edition (2018)

Now available in PDF and Word, this extensively revised edition is a must read for any marketer as they navigate the terms and conditions of their agency contract.

Written to explain the legal principles and empower the marketer’s options when defining the contract between themselves and their agencies, this edition now includes:

  • Information on writing contract clauses for programmatic media;
  • Sample clauses for financial compliance audits;
  • Other top-of-mind issues for today’s marketers.

“A bear of a document that reads like honey and is incredibly easy to navigate, the content provides straightforward and factual information that brings forward many differing views and options for advertisers,” says Leslie Krueger, General Manager, Toronto & Executive Director, Cloudraker. “It’s a very comprehensive and a useful tool for marketers and agencies alike.”

This 5th edition includes extensive linking between the educational narrative and the specific legal clauses, serving both the marketer who wants to learn and their lawyer who needs the contractual clauses.

A separate Word version of the model agreement is available in addition to this comprehensive publication so that marketers or their lawyers can easily copy and paste from the model agreement to formulate a contract that makes sense for their business.

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